DISC is a simple-to-use leadership learning tool

DISC personal behavioral profile is a reliable yet relatively simple tool used by thousands of organizations, essentially to learn about a person’s behavioral style in order to understand why one tend to behave one does or why others tend to behave as such, and then learn to use that understanding to better oneself and to create better work communication with each others. Hence the DISC tool helps improve teamwork, staff morale, retention, customer service, and reduce office conflicts for example.

I believe that the DISC personal profile is an important leadership learning tool to begin with because of its reliability and simplicity. As we know, the ground of leadership is first to learn how to lead yourself. But to lead yourself, you must first know yourself. Part of knowing yourself is to understand more about your behavior (or in general human behavior). Learning you DISC profile is a good starting point. Even if you have done a DISC assessment before, it is worthwhile to learn more about your profile as a leadership learning tool.

We work with People Keys (USA) DISC assessment tool. They have the state-of-the-art DISC assessment and delivery system. Here is a short video from People Keys introducing what DISC entails.

For more details – DISC is available from People Systems Consultancy New Zealand and if you want to know your DISC profile, it can be easily done online and your DISC profile will be sent to you after you complete your online assessment. We will follow-up with with a follow-up discussion to help you to apply what you learn. Please contact me at pleong@peoplesystems.co.nz if you want your DISC assessment done. Thanks.


Written by Peter Leong

5 May 2013