Begin now your leadership journey

Has the “leader” in you been stirring lately?

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Many of us are caught up in the demands of this fast-pace world in our work and personal life. But if you learn to still your mind enough, you will hear that soft “leader” voice deep inside you telling you to step up and “be more” instead of just “doing” more”.

Everyone has a ‘leader’ in him. At the fundamental level, the leader and the person are one, inseparable. Accept this and you are ready to begin your personal leadership journey. If  and when you commit to discover who you really are, then you also begin to discover how you will lead your life (first) and others. Your leadership journey begins. Usually it goes in stages or phases.

Phase 1 – Your Leadership journey begins by learning to lead yourself first.

*  To lead yourself, you must know yourself first.
*  In knowing yourself you will discover the ‘you’ that you can be, want to be and how to be.
*  You empower yourself when you learn to lead yourself; you do not wait for someone else to give you the power – you take responsibility for your own success; you cause the effect.
*  Leading yourself and knowing yourself is the foundation to master the art of leadership.
*  How well you lead depends on how deeply you know yourself.
*  Leading yourself is a life time journey – the journey is the destination in itself.

Phase 2 – The leadership development then expands to “leading in a one-on-one context”.

*  One-on-one leadership focuses on the energy of the person you are leading so that he/she can independently accomplish the outcome.
*  They say that “Nothing reveals your leadership more than your credibility, authenticity and true intent than when interacting with another human being”.
*  To be effective in leading in one-on-one context, you must know clearly yourself, be aware of how your intentions might be perceived, and adapt your behavior so they are suitable to the situation.
*  So you can see also it all comes back to ‘you’ and ‘leading yourself first’ or ‘knowing yourself” mentioned in Phase 1 above.

Phase 3 – Then you must learn how to lead team. 

*  The complexity of leading a team increases exponentially with increasing number of members in the team.
*  Leading a team is about “getting people on your side”
*  It requires one to know and learn about the power of persuasion and influence.
*  In today’s complex world true teams are central to an organization’s success.
*  Leading teams is an essential leadership skill that every organization must have to achieve success and desired outcomes.

Thereafter, leadership expands into leading a large organization, and progressing to leading multi-organizational alliances. I will leave this blog here and perhaps write about leading organizations and alliances later on.

Make the change today and bring out the ‘Leader’ in you. Have a happy leadership journey.

Written by Peter Leong

28 April 2013

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Note: The thoughts above are influenced by several leadership authors; see below.

  • “Achieve Leadership Genius” – Zigamy, Fowler and Lyles
  • “On becoming a leader” – Warren Bennis
  • “Leadership from the inside out” – Kevin Cashman
  • “The best in us” – Cleve Stevens.