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Re-center your life in a profound way using the new Human Potential Assessment Tool 

The results we have from people who have used this tool is compelling.

For example, some people have told us: “It’s like a blueprint of who I am at the deepest level” or “It’s a reflection of my Soul”.

Stepping-up into your full human potential

HP Meter

  1. Assess where you are in terms of your human potential
  2. Discover where your untapped potential is and steps to realize your full potential.
  3. Experience more peak performance experience and high level of fulfillment and happiness.
  4. Enjoy greater impact in your life and those around you.

“What if you knew how to progressively increase your human potential to 80 or 90% and operate at high potential? “

How is the HP Assessment Tool different from other Organizational Assessment surveys?

  1. Depth of insights –  based on the 4 States and 23 dimensions of ‘Being, represented by the house framework on the right.
  2. A robust way to measure the extent to which the Human Potential is being utilized – for individuals and for teams and organizations.
  3. An effective and repeatable process to unlock this potential in individual and in groups.
  4. A safe way to unblock your inner fears and discover a new way of ‘seeing’ where your potential lies.
  5. It will help you to revive, redesign and follow the dreams in your life.


The Human Potential Assessment Tool is represented by the house framework below.

HP House Framework

The solution is so simple to start with

Option 1 – Just by taking the HPA Tool on its own will help you to start ‘seeing’ yourself in a way that never happened before. Together with a follow-up 45 minutes coaching-review session, the HP Assessment will help you to  isolate the areas of greatest impact to overcome barriers on fulfilling your dream. Your investment for Option 1 (online assessment + review/coaching session) is $280 (plus GST). This is truly a value-added investment in re-centering and stepping-up your inner life and potential.

Book your assessment now – please contact –; mobile – 021 190 2828

Option 2 – Top class athletes work with a coach to help them to attain peak performances. Similarly, Option 2 is designed to coach you on how to continue to discover deeper insights and actions that you can take in realizing your full human potential going forward. The coaching sessions are about YOU.  Option 2 consists of a further 3×45 minutes coaching sessions over 3 -4 weeks period. The investment cost is $240 (plus GST) – another value-added investment that guide you through to ‘be’ at your highest human potential.

Option 3 – It is always a good idea to continue with regular practice on what you have learnt with ongoing coaching sessions to sharpen your approach in life. We can discuss and plan out with you another 3 to 4 coaching sessions that are spread out over the next 3 to 6 months period if you think that this is what you need to sustain higher growth.

Important points you should know about coaching

  1. Coaching focus on the future, not past mistakes of people; on potential rather than on performance.
  2. Coaching effectiveness comes from focusing on the internal obstacles rather than external ones.
  3. Coaching unlocks one’s potential to gain more and more peak experiences and happiness in life.
  4. Coaching is not a technique; the real value of coaching is the process (doing and practicing) itself to increase self-awareness and a new way of being and becoming.

Quotes from people who have taken the Human Potential Assessment Tool

  1. I am SO impressed with the HP instrument to stimulate powerful conversations! Simply opening up questions about a few dimensions on the instrument and inviting inquiry into the intersections revealed by it led to a GREAT conversation! I am really looking forward to future use with my clients.
  2. To me it has really hit home several aspects that where holding me back in my life at this moment. This tool really exposed the areas that I need to work on to fulfill my potential.
  3. I knew your process would be different than other ways to plan forward, but I failed to comprehend its power for pulling out new insights. This is very difficult to put into words. The work we have done with you and Sujith[i] has brought forth very, very new ideas and perspectives
  4. If your heartfelt desire is to build a prosperous enterprise in Life, whatever is the form, you need to start with the true foundations of your home. The Human Potential Assessment Tool makes the invisible visible, through a clear, concrete and accessible framework for individuals and organizations.
  5. I can honestly say to you that the tool ‘performed’ beyond my expectation. In my case, I can identify with the assessment results personally. On top of that, the map, diagrams, integrated list, and the explanations of findings gave me more access to a ‘language’ (or system) to reflect and track my own potential development. It will in turn enhance the way I communicate with others on this subject of human potential.

[i] The Human Potential Assessment Tool is created by Sujith Ravindren and Mark Vandeneijnd; two passionate entrepreneurs I have come to admire and very proud to work with.


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