Insights – behavioral styles and high performance

Understanding how the behavioral styles of your employees can be effectively applied to increase performance in selling and team success.

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Workshop #1 – “Aligning Sales People for High Performance – A two-step approach – in a two-hour learning workshop

Let’s say that you must increase the sales performance of each member of you sales team. You need them to do better, and you know that they can do it. You believe that you have selected your sales team well. Initially, the sales performance collectively was good to begin with.

But each year, the challenge expected of the sales team grows because of the competitive environment, growing customer expectations and the need for year-on-year sales growth. You can sense that the sales team performance levels may have peaked somewhat, and it is something you cannot afford to see happening. Your planned sales growth targets must be achieved and be sustainable. You want to see real improvements soon.

How else can you help the sales team to achieve higher sales performance individually and collectively? Here are two insights for you to take on;

  1. Have you looked closely at the behavioral traits of your sales people, and do you know that certain behavioral traits of sale people can make them unstoppable – performance wise?
  2. Do you know that mapping the behavioral styles of you sales team can reveal the behavioral forces at play, and show you the ‘fit’ of behavioral styles in your sales team individually and collectively; whether it is good, fair or poor?

The first step you can take is to map the behavioral styles of your sales team, including the sales manager.  You can do this by;

  1. Asking each sales person and the sales manager to take the DISC behavioral style assessment online – a simple 15 – 20 minutes process.
  2. We will analyse and map the behavioral styles of your sales team and review the findings with you and/or the sales manager to show you the behavioral strengths and weakness and the ‘fit’. Copies of each sales person’s DISC assessment report will be included in the report.

The second follow-up step is then to use the assessments to teach and train your sales team how to:

  1. Understand how to tap into their individual basic behavioral style for high performance in professional selling.
  2. Understand the ‘forces’ that are behind behavioral styles and relationships – friends, foes, gains and drains, including applications in effective relationship and selling with customers in sales situation, plus and examples of behavioral profiles of high performance sales people.
  3. This workshop can be a lifelong personal growth/developmental learning experience with practical follow-up action plans – practice, learn, apply and grow.

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Workshop #2 “Aligning Teams for High Performance” – a two hour learning workshop for team success.

Not all team are equal. There is a big gap between a ‘Dysfunctional Group’ at the lowest end to ‘Great or True Team’ at the highest end of ascending team levels. Often this notion of ‘ascending team level’ is glossed over because we tend to take the word ‘team’ or ‘teamwork’ more or less for granted. On the whole, the word ‘team’ has been so overused that its true meaning is nearly lost.

Therefore, one of the most important questions that the executive leadership team should ask often is this – “How else we can help to develop high performing teams in your company?”

This unique short 3-hours workshop is designed as a primer to help and align team leaders and their members to shift to a higher and higher team performance level – ultimately to become a ‘great/true’ team.

To achieve this, the workshop participants learn invaluable lessons to become an impactful team member individually and in a collective sense.

  • Part 1 – Understanding what high performing teams are about and how teams can consistently produce good or extraordinary results and promote personal growth in the process.
  • Part 2 – Learn how to make a difference and impact in teams through an understanding of his or her behavioral style.

(Prior to the workshop, each person participating in the workshop will take a simple DISC behavioral style assessment online that takes 15 – 20 minutes.)

  • Part 3 – Understand the intrinsic potential of exercising leadership (with a small ‘l’) for everyone as one of the drivers to create high performing in the team.

Why is it so important to work on aligning teams for high performance?

High performing teams are in fact the creative force and the centre of leadership and company success. When teams in a company are taken for granted and they ‘plough along the same track’, the company success is impeded. However, the reverse is true – when teams are aligned to consistently produce high performance and good or extraordinary results, company success are the inevitable outcome. 

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Take up this unique and value-added two-step mapping and workshop training introductory offer today and see how sales performances will improve in your team.


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