CSR – Community Engagement

BEYOND business as usual – engagement with the community

We take the view that corporate success and the community welfare are interdependent; the big picture in the long run is that business and community need each other more and more in this highly interconnected world. Successful business organizations need a healthy community (or society at large).

A good strategy management process must therefore include initiatives on how the company is going to engage with and impact society or the community in the mid-to-long term framework – usually this falls under the banner of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Many small and medium size companies (SME) take the view that engagement with community or CSR is for large corporations. This is a common misconception. We believe that the earlier a company (irrespective of size) develop a strategy that  best engage with the community, the more viable and successful the  organization will become in the long run. It is like a child having to learn to crawl first before being able to run. The experience of engagement with the community creates positive ‘flow’ and ‘vibes’ for everyone in the organization, when done for the right reasons and purpose. It has the potential to give greater meaning to work.

We have developed a special program called ‘Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment’ that companies can adopt to engage with the community. Give us a call to learn more.


What many poor or poverty-stricken adult people in communities need is not hope alone but the courage to be whole again; being reminded of still unrealized dreams. In engaging with the community, a company can give a hand at re-establishing their passions and self-confidence for these people in the community.

Our program is designed to rekindle the fire or passion and instil courage and confidence in people in the community who attend our “Social Entrepreneurship Empowerment” program being sponsored by the business company.

social entre empowerment

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