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Pic - why org change effort
03 Jun

Why organizational change efforts typically fails

I came across Ken Blanchard’s “Leading at higher level (2009)” this morning and the table below caught my attention. Table – Predictable reasons why change efforts typically fail 1 People leading the change think that announcing the change is the same as implementing it. 2 People’s concerns with change are not surfaced or addressed. 3

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12 May

The simple rules of strategy

Planning the strategy of a company remains the most important activity in business. Strategy is actually quite simple and yet also very difficult to get it right. Here are some simple rules that will get your strategy right. Rule #1 – You must have a written strategy for your company (even if you are a

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05 May

DISC is a simple-to-use leadership learning tool

DISC personal behavioral profile is a reliable yet relatively simple tool used by thousands of organizations, essentially to learn about a person’s behavioral style in order to understand why one tend to behave one does or why others tend to behave as such, and then learn to use that understanding to better oneself and to

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28 Apr

Begin now your leadership journey

Has the “leader” in you been stirring lately? Many of us are caught up in the demands of this fast-pace world in our work and personal life. But if you learn to still your mind enough, you will hear that soft “leader” voice deep inside you telling you to step up and “be more” instead

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