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Leading change through Human Potential Realization


A new Human Potential Assessment to lead change in your organization

We have a new organizational assessment tool that is designed for leaders whose top priority is to get the best out of their people, in a holistic way that is directly related to the excitement and inner-sense of possibility that each individual feels when they come to work in the morning. This is the next value creation frontier – the unlocking human potential of people in the organization to gain a sustainable advantage in this new and fast changing economic world.

Why is human potential realization important for organizational renewal?

Gallup survey (for NZ and Australia) show that 62% of employees are disengaged (uninspired, lacked motivation and would do just enough to fulfill their job requirements), while 15% are actively disengaged (not only unhappy at work but likely to act out of unhappiness). Our own human potential measurement data indicate that only 50-60% of an individual’s talents & gifts (or potential) are being used.

assess-dis-harIt is clear that we have a lot to gain when we begin to unlock this high level of underutilized or unrealized human potential. The steps we take with you to increase human potential realization are to measure/access (firstly), discover (secondly) and harness or unlock (thirdly) the untapped human potential in your organization. One of the biggest gains we achieve with this way of value creation is to increase the creative talent pool of people in the organization, to retain them, and to attract new talents.

How is the Human Potential Assessment (HPA) Tool different from other Organizational Assessment surveys?

The key difference between the Human Potential Tool and other assessment tools is the depth of insight that you will get. You will find that this is a powerful holistic approach that goes a few layers deeper than other assessment tools. Guaranteed, it will open the door to breakthrough conversations, ideas and actions.

What is the HP framework based on?

In our model, maximizing HUMAN POTENTIAL is directly dependent on triggering four STATES of actualization within each person (see the “House Framework” below). On the whole, the Human Potential Assessment and renewal process give us a deep understanding of the hidden levers of human potential and how we may unleash or ‘bring it to life’ within the individual or the organization, in a way not done before.


The Solution

the solution

Feedback from people who have taken the Human Potential Assessment Tool

The results we have from people who have used this tool is compelling:

*  “It’s like a blueprint of who I am at the deepest level”

*  “It’s a reflection of my Soul”.

*  To me it has really hit home several aspects that where holding me back in my life at this moment. This tool really exposed the areas that I need to work on to fulfill my potential.

*  I can honestly say to you that the tool ‘performed’ beyond my expectation.

*  I can identify with the assessment results personally.

*  It will in turn enhance the way I communicate with others on this subject of human potential.

Please contact Peter at to find out more about the “HP Assessment Tool”.



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For more information please click here ->IMCNZ-Peter Leong

Peter Leong is first “Certified Human Potential Assessment Coach” in New Zealand, and is the first to bring this new HP Assessment Tool to New Zealand.

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